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Committed to Your Satisfaction



Experienced, Trustworthy, Fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this valuable member of our team. Cory Delzell frequently reminds his employees of the value of quality service; "Without our customers we wouldn't have jobs." He has been in pest control industry since the late 20th century, 1992. He is a true believer in his responsibility to render great service for his customers; and in his ability to do so.

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With us, since 1997 as she is the owners' daughter, Brandy shows good interest in learning about pest control and office work. She is very good on the phone with customers. She and her husband are professional photographers and she also enjoys teaching her youngest sister about music and art. Growing off of word-of-mouth is something that Brandy is proud of so she always tries to go the extra mile for her clients. We love our daughter and are glad she is here to help.

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Aaron has been with NW Pest since 2015. He is a very solid, kind person. Aaron likes to research pests and the concerns they cause and is a good student of the industry with great ideas. A real problem solver and a delight to work with. We know we can always count on Aaron to take good care of our customers! He's honest & tells it like it is. We are thankful for the positive impact he brings to our company!



Angel is a go-getter and is our newest addition to our pest family! Her clients have been very pleased with her thus far & we are confident that they will continue to be as she takes pride in trying to do the job correctly the first time. Through her years, many have turned to her for advice as they know she is very positive & is very pleasant to be around. She's not afraid to embrace the not-so-pleasant parts of this job & has the desire to learn. Glad to have her on board!

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