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N.W. Pest Management is a full-service exterminator and pest control company that serves Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, specializing in both residential and commercial pest control. Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of protecting the most precious things in your life from discomfort and disease that comes with infestations. Whether you’re looking for solutions for invasive insects, rodents, or other wildlife, our team has the experience and training needed to keep your home pest free.

wildlife control
mosquito control

Diverse Pest Control

“Pests” can mean any variety of things. Solutions that might be effective for one insect might actually not work with a different one. When you’re in the market for commercial pest control or residential pest control services, you need an expert who has successfully eliminated a wide variety of pests. N.W. Pest Management has been in the business of residential and commercial pest control since 1992. With over hundreds of successful jobs, we know what it takes to take care of those infestations before they get out of control.

The other thing is we do a lot of commercial pest control.  Especially in the food processing plants, hatchery, mills, distribution centers, office complexes, nursing homes, restaurants, etc.  We have passed numerous audits from AIB, Yum, BRC, FSQA, and individual client audits.


N.W. Pest Management offers solutions for the following types of pests:

tick control

Ant Control


Roach Control


Bedbug Control


Carpenter Ants Removal


Earwig Control


Rodent Control


Spider Control


Flea Control


Tick Control


Termite Control

If you suspect that pests might be an issue in your home, then contact N.W. Pest Management. We can come to your home and perform an evaluation of your property to identify exactly what types of critters are present in your home. We even offer routine check ups on your home to save you from unsavory surprises down the road. Get the best in all encompassing pest and termite control when you partner with N.W. Pest Management! Visit our contact page for more information.

We service Benton, Carrol, Madison, and Washington Counties in Arkansas. The cities we services are: Huntsville, Berryville, Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Lowell, Bentonville, Farmington, Siloam Springs, Tontitown.

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N. W. Pest Management, Pest Control Services, Hindsville, AR

home advisor top rated
It was for ant outside and spider inside and we are very happy with the results. The response time to my online query was less than an hour and in 2 business days they were at our home. They were fast and efficient and the rate was very reasonable.
Courteous,professional,and prompt.
Very easy to work with. No sign of new mole activity, but we'll see how effective the treatment was when the weather warms up. We did everything over the phone, and their customer service couldn't have been better.